Mapping your skills.

It's amazing how many of us are terrible at saying in plain speak, shoulders back, what we're great at. Many of us constantly underplay our skills and strengths: we fudge and obfuscate, dodging compliments and feedback. 

And yet, we all accumulate huge numbers of skills and strengths from every part of our life: work (whether a serious role in a big organisation, or when you waitressed as an undergrad), studying, parenting, volunteering. 

But being able to articulate them, to confidently own them, will have a huge impact on your confidence (whether you're in a meeting, applying for a role or a promotion, or re-entering the workplace) and your sense of what is possible.

This session will help you to create a full overview of your skills, crucially, evidencing them. It will have a huge impact on your sense of self. And it will form the basis of your best CV.


Session pre-work:
You will create your own skills map, using our template. And you will crowdsource the perspectives of those who know you best.

Session take-aways:
You will leave with a robust and comprehensive overview of your best strengths.


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