Personal and career development sessions in your home, led by a professional coach.


How it works:

― The host

  • Contacts their friends, to find between 6 and 12 people to join the session 
  • Reserves a session

― Participants

  • Book online, using the session code
  • Receive their pre-work two weeks before the session

― The host

  • Sets the room up
  • Organises snacks and refreshments as the group wants.
  • Ensures (as far as possible) that the space is distraction free (no partners and kids , though we all know sometimes kids need attention, and that's just real life). We're totally happy with babes in arms, if you are too.

― The coach

  • Comes to your home
  • Runs a great session

What it costs:

  • Each session costs £50 per person, for a minimum of six and a maximum of twelve participants.
  • The host's session is free if eight or more participants book.
  • At the end of the session, all participants receive a special code – if another session is booked within three months using the code (this can be you, your friends, or simply via recommendation), you will receive £50, as a thank you.