Getting ready for flex.

What is flexible working? What are my options? What are my rights? Which option is right for me? What do I need to do? How will it work?

This session covers:

  • Understanding what your flexible working options are
  • Negotiating the right to work flexibly with an employer
  • Making flex work

It combines information, Q&A and discussion, with practical exercises covering:

  • Making a robust case for flexible working
  • Examining your personal working style and values
  • Communicating effectively (the bedrock of all successful flexible working)


Session pre-work:
Before the session, you will complete an online work approach and values questionnaire (results in the session)

Session take-aways:
You will leave the session with an overview of flex sheet, top tips, and a guide to managing your inbox (because we know that emails are a huge bug bear)


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